We Ensure Robust, Scalable, Anticipated, and Reliable Application Behavior.

Seamless performance of applications or systems even at peak loads is the result of end-to-end Functional & Performance Testing.

In this digital age, it’s crucial to provide error-free web, mobile apps, and software applications as competition is monumental & cut-throat between organizations. Thus, to meet expected standards of performance, organizations must understand the criticality of testing and start investing in it. Functional & Performance testing is an important part of every software or application development cycle. It tests the robustness, stability, functionality, scalability, and speed under specific conditions and with the specified workload of an application, and thus ensures high performance with utmost quality.

What We Do

Thinkers Media is a well established digital marketing firm that knows how to transform your expectations to lead the market into reality. We are experienced players offering quality services under functional and performance testing, which make any product successful. We are recognized and specialized in providing state-of-the-art testing solutions that will boost the performance of your applications or software.

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    Why Testing Is Important?

    • ­To identify configurations bottlenecks.
    • ­To validate the exceptional user experience.
    • ­To enhances load capability, optimization, and capacity planning efforts.
    • ­To authenticate the reliability, responsiveness, scalability, functionality, and other essential features of an application or software.
    • ­It allows us to detect any issues or discrepancies and rectify them before the product gets released.

    What we cover

    Thinkers Media’s functional & performance testing solutions cover stress, load, and endurance testing equipped with performance engineering and capacity planning, etc. We also offer consulting, production monitoring, and benchmarking against competitors. What differentiates us from others is,

    • ­Optimized & affordable cost models with customized options.
    • ­Comprehensive and comparative analysis & reporting.
    • ­Certified testers.
    • ­Use of right tools, technology solutions, and effective R&D initiatives.

    Our Testing Methodology

    Thinkers Media testing methodology involves designing of test cases considering business criticality, business distribution across geographies, arrival rate, and completion rate. This helps our team to set and achieve realistic goals concerning your system requirements. We provide comprehensive testing reports that help our customers to assess and understand the quality of application or system, and further guide them to plan out improvement actions.

    At Thinkers Media, we follow an agile testing methodology, whose key benefits are

    • ­Early detection of issues or bottlenecks
    • ­Reduced cost and time.
    • ­Reduced infrastructure costs.

    Thinkers Media testing expertise spans across a wide range of application systems such as web, client-server, mobile, distributed, cloud databases, highly complicated applications, and high volume transaction systems to global clients. At Thinkers Media we work on every aspect of testing so that our clients can launch future proof systems or applications with high availability, scalability, and responsiveness.