10 web development trends for 2022 and beyond

10 web development trends for 2022 and beyond

Over the years numerous initiatives has been taken to develop websites and apps. The continuing advancement has seen various web development tends come and go and some of them modified in the future.

There are various web development services and agencies located all over the world including India who help you built your dream website with features of your requirement and desire. There are various professional web development services, website development companies, web design and development services in India. They provide custom web design and development. Shopify web designer is one of such company.

Responsive web design and development aims in the creation of web pages that look good on a verity of devices and custom web design and development helps its creators produce unique web pages. The uniqueness of web pages varies from one ecommerce company to another. There are a number of ecommerce website development companies and ecommerce consulting agency in India.

For a past few years artificial intelligence has gained plenty of ground and has been spreading its influence since. The influence has been carried forward to 2022 as well and might carry on over the upcoming years.

Listed below are the top 10 web development tends of the year 2022 and beyond:

  1. PWAs- progressive web apps or PWAs are web apps that gives its users an experience of an app without having to open the native app. With the help of PWAs, user experiences the functionality of a mobile app on the web. It provides its users with speed of the internet thus decreasing loading time. It comes with the advantage of speed, working offline and push notification options, seamless maintenance and reduction in development costs. It is capable of working on any device, irrespective of iOS and android. Many companieslike Starbucks, twitter, uber etc. have been using PWAs for improved experience.
  • Optimized voice search– since its introduction in 2011 by Google, voice search has only witnessed rapid growth in popularity. With the introduction of intelligent virtual assistants like Alexa by Amazon and Siri by Apple, the popularity has only risen further. Consumers are not concentrated to smart speakers for voice commands but are also using voice optimization to search on their smartphones and IoT devices. According to Statista, voice recognition market is estimated to reach 27.16 billion by 2026.
  • Accelerated Mobile Page(AMP)- AMP is an HTML framework that has been developed to display content at optimal speed. Google’s AMP is an open-source project that assists HTML based business to improve by allowing to cache and pre-render the users content at a greater speed than the current caching provided by google in the search results.AMP allows its users to create web pages and adds that can operate with speed, less code complexity, more elegance and render high-performance.There are numerous AMP web design and development services in India
  • Single page application-SPA or single page application has gained a lot of ground in the trending web development technologies. According to a conventional method of using a web page, initially a single whole web page loads, followed up by the content of the page but not with SPA. In this JavaScript web application, a user can load a single HTML page and dynamically update content without having to refresh. SPA has been adopted by Google, Facebook, Twitter and has been widely accepted by its users. It has been observed that with application of SPA there has been decrease in bounce rate on websites and its simplification attracts users.
  • Dark mode standardization-dark mode and low light websites has been trending in recent years and has gained immense popularity. 2022 and years to come ahead will see the use of the dark mode and low light websites and appsbeing developed further. According to studies, it has been found that 8 in 10 users prefer dark mode one various occasions. Multiple websites like, Facebook, Twitter etc has implemented dark mode.
  • AI chatbots-in 2022 and over the upcoming years AI chatbots are expected to develop in sophistication and versatility in understanding and matching the behaviour of its users through machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval techniques. AI chatbots not only assist companies in operating at a faster pace by the use of voice or text chats but also enables improvement of the customers experience. Many prominent companies like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Skype, serve their customers with AI chatbots instead of standard chatbots.
  • Internet of things– internet of things or IoT has made to the top trending chart of web development because of its demand among the common people. With the help of IoT regular household gadgets and wearable devices can be connected and information can be transferred via internet. It has been predicted by Statista that IoT devices market will reach 25.4 billion by 2030. It is extremely user friendly as it delivers precise results within seconds and analyses and collects data to cater to improved customer service.
  • Mobile friendly development-the rapid hike in the number of mobile users all owner the world has a massive influence over the web development. The web developers are focused on developing webs and apps that are mobile-friendly as they are responsible for half of the web traffic worldwide. This development will take better shape in the years to come as the consumption will increase.
  • Motion UI- creative presentation of a website or app has become a trend now and is most likely to get even better. Earlier, the experience of the user was the more important than the appearance of the website or app. However, recent times has seen an increasing trend of developing apps and websites that are visually appealing and interactive. 
  1. Improved cybersecurity– with the advancement of web technology cybercrimes has also escalated. Securing data, networks and computers from misuse has become a major concern and is increasing in leaps and bounds. With the alarming increase in cybercrime rate, the developers are trying to bring about easy ways to protect the data of the companies and the customers. There’s already been a shift toward application-based multi-factor authentication like Google Authenticator, patch management, and Security Operation Centres (SOC).

It is evident that web development is expensive but making trending web technologies available for your users will help you gain traffic, safeguarding your business and boosting your sales.

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