Cloud Computing and its benefits for mobile app Development Company in India

One technology that is literally razing in the world is cloud computing. From billion-dollar companies to startups, everyone is looking to reaping in the best possible way. Companies and Indian app developers are also making use of it for themselves and their clients.

As in every other technological advancement, this cloud computing also requires some in-depth understanding for mitigating the risk and availing the benefits. 

Here is a blog covering major aspects of cloud computing to make this conundrum clear for Mobile App Development Company and all. 

What is cloud computing?

In simple terms, cloud computing is to deliver various services through the internet. Anyone can avail themselves of a wide range of IT services and applications such as data storage, database, networking, software, servers, communication solutions, and more through the cloud. 

Once you have the software/website or application developed by the custom mobile app development services, you need hosting for them so that people can access from anywhere, anytime through the internet. There are various types of hosting such as

  1. Dedicated hosting
  2. Cloud hosting
  3. Shared hosting
  4. VPS hosting

Despite having the best websites, you cannot get the expected results from that in case you’re not choosing the right hosting plan for you.

Hosting services impact your website, software, or applications in multiple ways.

  • Helps in keeping all your data safe
  • Makes the website perform faster
  • Facilitates in high ranking on Google
  • Saves your money and resources
  • Gets the personalized email for better branding
  • And more

Once you had the website from Thinkers Media – web development services provider, you need to have a hosting account so that the website becomes accessible anytime, anywhere. You are free to take your own hosting service or we can help you in that domain.

We’ll keep our focus on cloud hosting. There are three categories of cloud.

Public Clouds

This is the fastest and easiest way for hosting but offers lesser control over the resources. Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM cloud are some well-known public cloud service providers. eCommerce Consulting Agency in India suggests their clients go for dedicated hosting or public cloud hosting with customization for their eCommerce business.

Private Clouds

It works more like the public ones with better control.

Hybrid Clouds

Under this cloud environment, data can come and forth from public and private clouds. It offers heightened flexibility and privacy, and scalability making it the best choice for all. 

Under these three categories, there are subcategories such as

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) 
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) 
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Now the question is, why should anyone go for cloud hosting for android and iOS mobile apps services, websites, or software?

Advantages of Cloud computing for Android and iOS Mobile Apps Services in India and More

Simple to use

If you think it’s gone to take so much time and effort to avail cloud computing, you’re mistaken. Cloud computing does not require coding and a big team to work on that. You may choose the software subscriptions and start generating value quickly. 

Easy to update

Regular updates for the IT system are a big headache for every business including android and iOS mobile apps services providers. As soon as you have a software made by the in-house team, it might ask for updates. With cloud-based solutions, keeping the system up-to-date is never an issue. It’s easy to update with the latest technology and simple adjustments. 

High affordability

As a business, looking for cost-effective ways is a good idea, isn’t it? As compared to the on-site systems, cloud hosting is cheaper due to negligible or nil investment in hardware, implementation cost, maintenance cost, in-house personnel keeping cost, etc. 

A business doesn’t even require hiring highly paid IT staff. Simply a business can choose SaaS, PaaS, and more based on their requirements and may avail the functionality of having an IT in-house team. 

Scalability with less or nil adjustment

Scalability is always an issue for businesses, especially with high volatility in their growth prospects. What’s if you’ve hosted your websites at an in-house hosting server with the capacity to handle only one million users a day, and suddenly, the daily traffic increased to 10 million? 

It’s problematic, right? However, when you have cloud service, scaling is just a cakewalk. You may scale the service based on usage with simple or no adjustment. Whatever resources you’ll use, the cloud service provider charges based on that.  Cloud service is an excellent way to handle the high volume that might come to your business anytime. 

Data safety

Data is one of the costliest assets for any business. If it’s compromised, it might bring havoc to the business. In-house IT systems are riskier due to the involvement of many staffs accessing the data through various devices in an unorganized manner. 

Cloud system has the best data safety solution for top mobile app development companies in India. Here data get encrypted for storing in multiple locations in a secure way. Even hardware failures don’t impact as data remain located at various locations giving proper backup.

Anytime, anywhere accessibility

Accessing a file stored in a standalone system at the office is difficult to access, right? Cloud-based programs enable work-on-the-go. Every data is stored on the cloud, thus enabling even mobile accessibility.

As per leading mobile app consulting services in India Company, the adoption of cloud systems increased many folds in the last 2 years. Covid-19 and subsequent restrictions on people movement are a big reason for businesses forced to give work from anywhere. 

Getting ahead of others

Experts believe that working on a laptop or PC without a cloud will become obsolete in the coming decades. The cloud will require the full benefits of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, machine learning, etc. 

You get the upper hand in this highly competitive market as a business by choosing the cloud after having the apps from an Indian app Development Company.

Data loss prevention

Keeping data on multiple devices or the network is better than having a single device. However, in that case, there is a risk of data leaks. A business should opt for ways that provide data loss prevention and provide security. 

Cloud provides safe and fast data recovery options in any major or minor business disruptions.  There is no need to have separate backups anywhere else. Data remains safe from malware attacks, hardware dysfunction, employee sabotage, phishing, hacking, and more. 

Full control with flexibility

When you choose cloud and give access to every employee, it does not mean there is no control over data privacy. The administrator gets the right to decide which users should access what types of data. This way, the cloud increases collaboration, and different people from worldwide may work simultaneously. 


Cloud computing getting all where tractions for its helps in increasing productivity, revenue, data security, and collaboration for businesses. It’s been proved as the best solution for organizations struggling to manage on-premise IT infrastructure

Despite being some disadvantages, it’s here to stay. Now it’s your turn to try. Now the bonus tips, if you choose Thinkers Media – web Development Services provider and android and iOS mobile apps services provider, we help you in choosing the best hosting service for your business considering all the facts.