Essential Elements of Modern Web Design


While designing a website depends on the particular aesthetic choices of the designer and demands of the customer, some components are deemed to be fundamental to modern web design. A good website should not only be visually pleasing, but it must also ensure improved user experience and interaction. Here are eight elements of responsive web design, which are considered essential by most of the web design companies in India.

  1. Use Unique Type-fonts: Many companies today stick to a particular font-style so that their products or websites can be easily distinguishable. Apart from that, typefaces actually hint at the particular character of a company or a product. Before choosing a font, make sure that it is perfectly readable by most browsers and computers.
  2. Flat Design: A flat design is one that does not produce an illusion of three dimensions or includes shadows. Apart from being easily comprehensible to the viewers, flat or semi-flat modern web design also provides an added advantage of a technical nature: it loads more quickly and needs minimum technical support.
  3. Hamburger Menu: For a good interactive and responsive web design clear navigation is essential. A long menu of options, organized in stacks like hamburger patties but hidden, is useful in this respect. It helps the visitors to identify the exact information they need without any distraction and improves the experience to a great extent.
  4. Use of Card Designs: Designers at many of the web design companies in India prefer to use cards to separate different sections of the content from one another and distribute information to provide for a clear visual experience. The users are expected to pick and choose from the cards and expand the article they wish to read in detail.
  5. Large Hero Images: Using large photographs that are directly connected to the content – instead of simple social buttons or a CTA – is surely a popular trend in modern web design. Such images act as large attractive headers, which are interactive. It is no doubt that, the visual appeal of the images persuades the viewer to go deep into the website.
  6. Large Product Images: Images, as it is said, are more powerful than words. Giant-sized pictures highlight the details of the different parts of the product or its different features. These images can also be responsive and scan-friendly to give the customers a good understanding of the products.
  7. Background Videos: Automatically playing background videos are effective tools to lure the attention of your viewers the moment they enter your website. It provides your customer with basic information about your company pretty quickly and saves a lot of space that would otherwise be consumed if we had to rely exclusively on texts.
  8. Short videos to highlight products or features: Nowadays, web-designers also use short products or feature videos on their websites to communicate more effectively. A big advantage of using videos is that it helps the user to understand the key features of the product or the company without a long and in-depth experience or much effort.

There are many elements of modern web design, but these eight qualities are the most essential ones to create a user-friendly, functionally effective, and aesthetically pleasing responsive web design.

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