How to get sales leads for free

get sales leads for free

Lead generation is the process of locating and cultivating prospective clients. Sales teams and marketers always place high importance on lead generation. One of the best strategies to save expenses while improving the revenue potential of your business is to get free leads.

You can get leads for free while retaining lead quality by utilizing a variety of sales and marketing techniques. Thinkers Media – a web Development Services provider is here with a blog to provide you with a few more ideas on how to get sales leads for free. Let’s get started.

What is the easiest way to find leads?

The easiest way to find leads is to be active on social media. You need to involve others on your social media to increase engagement. Make posts exciting enough to generate interest among your followers.  

How do I get sales leads from Google?

 In order to get free sales leads from Google, you need to create a profile on ‘Goggle My Business’ primarily. Google My Business is a portal under Google, which allows you to create your own business profile for free. Google has its business directory, which will help you to grow your business.

For example, if you have signed up on Google My Business portal as a realtor, enter all your details correctly, then if somebody is searching on Google “realtor near me”, there are high chances that your name will be showcased if you are nearby to them, so this will help you grow your business. You can utilize the Google My Business platform to get free leads.

Create a Google alert about your business, this will find explanatory pieces about your leads, their way of function, and how to achieve them.

How can I get leads on Facebook for free?

Two types of leads can be generated from Facebook: Direct and Indirect leads. 

Direct leads can be generated through the distribution of content that goes straight to a lead form on your website whereas indirect leads can be utilizing Facebook during the conversion process.

Directly promoting can give instant results by landing on the page quickly but providing interesting content through conversations will make your prospective clients land on the page repeatedly. To generate leads on Facebook you can use Facebook posts, Facebook live, photo albums, messenger, video, and Facebook events. 

How do you get leads from LinkedIn?

First of all, you need to improve your LinkedIn profile, it might seem like basic advice, but it is the most important thing as your profile is going to speak for you and generate leads for you.

Join groups and follow the Hashtags that your prospective clients go along with. It is the best way to find prospective clients. You can choose a target audience who will be open to your message and ultimately your merchandise. If LinkedIn is your main lead generation platform, then you can consider the premium version too. 

Where can I find sales leads?

            There are plenty of sources from which you can find out the sales lists, some of which are given below: –

  1. Referrals

Your current customers can be your best source of sales because they’ve already purchased from you, so they know your products and services work. Therefore, they should be an integral part of your strategy to attract new sales leads.

2. Google resources 

Goggle offers leads in many ways such as: –

  • The Google My Business portal provides you to put your business profile on the internet for free
  • Google alert feature sends you emails about your possibilities or clients.
  • Google maps can show your location to your prospective clients 
  • Search using keywords will give you results of location, ratings, blogs, etc. 

3. Social media 

You can find sales leads from various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.  Especially LinkedIn is very useful, if you are in the media sales team then you may look up a marketing coordinator or director to discover who has the position, then try to contact them.

4. Opponents

Studying your opponents will give you much information and it can help you in finding leads, finding out with whom they are working, who is operating in the markets you have chosen to target, etc. 

5. Building Relationships 

Despite the abundance of information available online, keep in mind that networking should come before research. Consider building to be the prospecting process. Attend industry events to network face-to-face, reach out and engage, and build contacts online.

6. Tools for business and sales intelligence

There are developed tools available for business and sales intelligence such as Winmo, Hoovers, and Datanyze. Use these kinds of tools to find resources for your business and be productive with them. 

How do you get leads without advertising?

1.   Influence the audience and increase the engagement 

Influence marketing is a very effective way to boost your engagement and grow your business. You just have to ensure that the fan base of influencers aligns with your prospective clients. By keeping an eye on the engagement, they receive on their preferred social media, you can determine whether an influencer is a good fit.

2. Use Organic Content 

Make lots of organic content and use them on your website as it is a very powerful source to boost your leads. The first step to boosting organic traffic is consistent, high-quality content production.

The material must be extremely relevant to your target audience, answering any questions and addressing any worries they might have at each stage of the buying process. Make sure that your content is distinctive and specific to enhance the ranking. 

3. Utilize your list

Sending emails is a very effective strategy to cultivate leads and move them down your pipeline Even while it might not, doing this can still help you segment your current leads more effectively. Keep eye on the engagement data then determine which leads are interested in which of your services by sending out offers for a particular good or service.

How do small businesses get leads?

1. Get active on social media

Social media play role in brand building as well as in lead generation, so get active on different social media platforms and be consistent. Run giveaways, ask me anything, run surveys, etc.

2.  Host events

You can host events such as webinars, workshops or social media live with a famous person. 

3. Content Marketing 

Creating valuable and SEO-friendly content can be a game-changer for your business. It is a fantastic way to generate free leads because it is the basis of inbound marketing. 

4. Influencer marketing 

If you are running a small business, then you can send PR packages to influencer which have a similar fan base to your prospective clients. 

How can I get leads without a website?

1. Social media and Influence marketing

Promote your business on social media. You can do a collaboration with influencers through a barter system or send them PR packages. 

2. Content marketing 

Creating valuable content relevant to your business consistently. You can write a guest blog on other websites, you can ask your customer to give reviews, ask them to refer your business, etc.

3. Google AdWords 

You can run an advertisement campaign on Google, which is a very effective way as it has a huge number of consumers. 

Where can I find small business leads?

1.   Social media 

You can find it on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


In this extensive blog, we’ve covered all the vital ways to generate leads. However, you must notice that all these lead-generation techniques require a digital presence. Without a website, these strategies will not bring desired results.

Consult Thinkers Media – a web Development Services provider to know how can we streamline your lead generation process.   

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