SEO Basics In Business Perspective- Purpose, Plan, Features, and More

SEO Basics In Business Perspective- Purpose, Plan, Features, and More

Do you want your website to rank on the first page? What a silly question? Everyone just loves to get eyeballs by being at the top of the searches. Studies also support that notion as approx 70 % of traffic does not go beyond the first page. 

So it makes sense to have your website on the first page of online marketing in India, right. Being at the top brings

  • More visibility to the larger audience
  • Brand awareness among searchers
  • More leads and sales
  • Increase business credibility 
  • And more 

To get a high rank on searches, search engine optimization SEO is one of the highly effective ways. If you’re interested in taking your business to great heights online, this blog is for you. Let’s jump in. At one of the leading Digital marketing company in India, we’ve come up with all about SEO from a business perspective.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of practices for making your site more visible in search results concerning products or services you offer to your existing and potential customers. There are many search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu,, etc.

So if you deal with customized gift hampers in Mumbai, and your website ranks high on relevant keywords, it denotes the success of your efforts from your team and SEO Company In Gurgaon.

Why SEO is Important in Digital Marketing?

Every second, millions of searches happen across to globe from shopping to entertainment to learning and what’s not. This large volume of searches presents an enormous opportunity for businesses to tap. 

In the recent past, the large penetration of mobile phones and the high speed of the internet have paved the way for more use of the internet for a plethora of activities. Billions of people use the internet every year intending to find commercial information about goods and services presenting the best way to market your brands. 

The trends show that even offline brands are relying heavily on search as a main source of traffic and as a supplement to other forms of advertising. Online presence also brings a competitive advantage and an ocean of opportunity for your business. Not everyone is fond of visiting the local markets to get things done. Once you have a good presence, you tap the market better. 

Technology and Digital advertising agency in India are also supporting businesses in this endeavor. Google, the leader in the search engine has improved in the last few years and now provides more direct answers and information meeting the searcher’s needs more efficiently. 

SEO serves as the cornerstone of a comprehensive marketing ecosystem as you may also fetch highly useful information by understanding what your website visitors desire. Website traffic data further assists in formulating sponsored and organic advertising throughout your website, on social media platforms, and more.

SEO Plans and Packages in India

There are thousands of small, medium, and large SEO companies offering a wide range of plans and packages. Most of them offer fixed-price SEO packages along with custom-tailored packages to meet the specific needs of businesses. 

All those plans from leading Digital marketing companies in India are formulated in a way that can help you generate high-quality leads, improve the conversation rates, and brings more sales. 

The packages can be categorized widely into four categories.

Local SEO Package

Businesses looking to grow their local presence prefer to choose this plan. Using this SEO service in India, you get the ability to reach more local customers through Google Business listing, local classified listings, and other tools. It also helps in bringing offline traffic to your store if you have a presence. To know more about that contact our Local SEO Consultation in India experts.

National SEO Package

This SEO package is to generate leads for large corporations or B2B companies. SEO experts help the business in getting a nationwide audience.

Segment-specific packages like real estate SEO, Pharma SEO, etc

This is comparatively new among the leading digital marketing companies in India. To beat the competition in the SEO market, companies showcase their expertise in some fields by niching down. 

This classification caters to the organic internet marketing needs of companies that further help businesses by increasing their exposure, search ranks, and website traffic online.

E-commerce SEO package

The future belongs to e-commerce. Currently, India stood at the very promising end where customer preference will only go in the direction of e-commerce. With an e-Commerce SEO Package, your products/services rank higher on the leading e-commerce portals inviting better growth.

These packages get further classified into various plans based on features and price by B2B Digital marketing agency India. Most of the highly-priced SEO packages covers 

  • Website review and analysis
  • Content marketing
  • Social media sharing
  • Off-page optimization through backlink
  • Local search optimization
  • Conversation tracking
  • Monthly reporting on SEO campaigns
  • And more

How does SEO work?

Most search engines like Google and Bing utilize bots to scan the web and gather information about websites. So, there are millions of websites from various demography indexed on the internet for people to search. 

Then how can a search engine decide which sites to rank and how? In order to establish the order concerning a particular search, computers examine the index and take into consideration hundreds of ranking criteria or signals.

Factors considered by the search engine for ranking

  1. Availability of high quality, unique, and purpose solving content
  2. Fast loading and supreme user experience
  3. Responsive website with an inclination toward mobile 
  4. On-page optimization and ease of navigation
  5. Internal and external links for authority building
  6. Search internet and past search trends

Some components largely plays role in ranking the sites. Based on them, its how search engines determine to rank. 

Each of the parameters gets weight depending on its relative relevance in search engine algorithms. SEO companies enhance Content quality, keyword optimization, crawlability, speed, authority, etc are other important aspects of the site.

Search algorithms try to give users a convenient and efficient search experience and because of that, your pages rank better in search results if you include them in your site and content.

What are the various components of SEO?


Experts from creative digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR know what consumers are looking for via the internet and those words are called keywords. They use Google AdWords Keyword Tool and other tools to come up with a list of possible keywords matching your business and include them in the backend and frontend content of the site. 

Meta Tags

Sites rely heavily on meta tags even today. If your page’s title contains a relevant term, it will appear in search results. It is a bit of code plus content that search engines use to determine how to display your website’s content in search results, among other things. Meta tags are only accessible in the HTML code of a web page. 

Quality Content

Content is the undeniable king of SEO. It rules as quality content is the greatest method to rank for keywords as the search engines believe, it offers pleasant user experiences. Content also shows your inclination towards educating your customers.


Backlinks are vital to present your site as an authority. Advertising agency in Delhi builds backlinks for their clients with other trusted companies by contacting prominent blogging sites. If you can earn a backlink from their website search engines rank the site high. 

Social Media

Since social media’s inception, search engines have learned to give weightage to that. As a result, companies need to have a strong social media presence on sites like Instrage, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and more giving a sense of authority and importance. To tap the opportunity presented by these platforms, contact a reputed social media marketing agency in India such as Thinkers Media.


Just having a website is not enough in today’s cut-throat competition. You need to rank and for that SEO is paramount. Just like hundreds of our clients, you too willing to take a leap toward a future growth trajectory. Contact Thinkers Media – web Development Services provider and leading Digital marketing company in India.

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