Website Development Process At Thinkers Media

Website Development Process At Thinkers Media

If you are here, probably you are aware- “What is a website”. It is rightfully called a digital address from where anyone can fetch information, interact with your business, and do a whole lot of activities that you wish them to do. 

There could be multiple reasons to call a responsive website development company to have the website but most of the prospects contact us for these reasons. In this blog, we’ll cover the benefits of having websites, the development process, and other aspects.

9 Top Most Stages of Website Development

An ongoing succession of tasks is required for the successful completion of any website design and development project. Even though each project has its own unique set of needs, there are nine major steps of website development. 

The primary purpose of the website

All the websites might look the same to a layman but there are major sub-categorization among them based on their objectives. Find out where you fit into a larger market sector by doing market research and competitive analysis.

Adaptive web development experts brainstorm along with the clients to understand the website’s objective, target audience, intended benefits, primary aim, competitor market analysis, and more.

Planning on website design, development, and more

Without proper planning, everything becomes hunky-dory; be in website development or anything else. As the design and development process progresses, the project’s scope widens, resulting in longer schedules and increased costs.

However, when you have planned by considering the project’s long-term viability, realistic timetables, and strategic research, things easily fall into line. 

Selection of rights technology

In that phase, it’s vital to choose the programming language and technology on which your website will be based. Whether you need a WordPress web designer or experts in some other framework, your identification of the website’s objectives comes into play. 

So if your purpose is to sell products via e-commerce, you need Shopify web designer or experts on BigCommerce, Kibo, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Intershop, or any other framework. 

You should perform a thorough investigation of various programming languages and technological stacks before settling on one. Once you’re done with that, the next thing to decide is the sitemap and the wireframes.

Sitemap and Wireframing work

Creating a sitemap before commencing the design process allows you to better plan the navigation of your website. Similarly, wireframing works like blueprints for your website.

Content creation strategy

How can we miss mentioning the vitality of content strategy as it is rightly called the blood and soul of any website? Visitors will come to you only when you rank higher and that’s not feasible without content.

The ideal way is to plan content strategies with research on the intended audience, and multiple SEO factors. If the content is available, you may upload it once the website becomes ready for live. 

Website design

Keep note that your design should always be for the future besides considering the brand’s current aspects. Give proper emphasis on colour palette, logo design, and other interactive design components so that down the line after year, you only need some changes to keep it relevant. 

Website Development

Once the design is complete, coding work starts. Here ideas and design turn into a real product that is your website. Here front-end development, and back-end development and its content integration with the design come into play. 

Website Testing

As per AMP web design and development services in India experttesting is a crucial step that covers overall performance testing, compatibility of websites, security testing, interface, and more.

Extensive testing is a must to verify that your website or web application does not have any problems at any stage. Accessibility, searchability, and utility on multiple devices and operating systems need testing for fixing the flaws and fixing them at the earliest. 

Time to make website-LIVE

In this stage, the website moves from the local server to the live server for people to access it anytime, anywhere. After the website becomes live, a breakthrough is achieved and there is still much to do for businesses. To keep the website up and running, place a team for regular maintenance and analysis. 

Websites are called the mines of data and from thereon you may get insights for the next big marketing and advertising coming. 

Why do you need to have a website for your business?

Having an online presence 24 x 7

Like physical stores, you don’t need to open and close the shop. The website remains available 24 x 7 for anyone to access it based on their own convenience. 

Unrestricted information exchange

Irrespective of the visitor’s category, a whole range of information concerning your business helps enlighten them. Even employees may refer to the website where you can keep the multiple documents useful for them.

Website design and development company in India also gives the option to have secure login access to employees, vendors, administrator, and more. So you get a solid way to store the files in a secure manner at the websites. 

Trust building among large masses

How many times do you search for the internet before making any transactions with a business? We think, every time or most of the time, right? Having a website has become a way to show the world your genuineness. All stakeholders trust more when you have well-secured websites with custom web design.

A great way of saving

Those considering expenses for websites towards web design and development services company in India may be having bad notions. It’s an investment that brings all-around growth to your business along with pulling the cost down on other expenses.

A good website doesn’t require much effort on SEO, social media marketing, online reputation management, and more. 

Reliance on the customer services team decreases

By having updated information available, the reliability of the customer service team decreases. Existing and potential customers get answers to their queries by themselves via a website.

Helpful in building long term relationship

When customers get a response quickly, they are more likely to form long-term relationships with your business. You may tell your website development company in Delhi to include good reviews in the form of testimonials on the website. This way, you showcase your positive sides leading to more conversation. 

Wide reach across the boundaries

The website gives you a way to market your products/services beyond your local boundaries. Located in the USA, you may sell your products in Africa through websites once you have a great site by ecommerce website designing company in Delhi. Websites are highly customizable so marker expansion is easy and hassle-free. 

Tackling the competition

Business rules say that you must be there where customers and competitors exist. Without a website, you’re losing out on new consumers and the chance to be at the top of their thoughts when they are looking for a product or service like yours.

Better insights into visitors’ pattern

Once you have the website, multiple ways to use analytical tools open. You can determine average visitors, their preferred way of contacting you, and lots of other things. That insight further helps in tailoring your business policies and objectives to increase sales, brand awareness, and more.

To better understand how your social media channels impact your brand, you may also use a wide variety of data from the website. 

Now you have an idea about the benefits of having a website, contact Thinkers Media – web Development Services provider today and avail the free consultancy service. 


Approx 64% of even small businesses have their own websites. That’s a both good and bad sign for your business. Many are ahead of you but some are lacking behind. Call a reputed company like Thinkers Media – web Development Services provider and get a website that is creative, affordable, flexible, and good enough to keep the users engaged.

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